Pocket spring machine in the Lianrou machinery company's growth
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           Turning to the manufacturing pocket spring machine manufacturer in China, we can not help but think of Lianrou machinery company, Lianrou machinery company as a giant in the soft furniture equipment manufacturing industry in China, for China made an indelible contribution to the development of pocket spring machine. At first, the founder of the league soft mechanical reference a few pocket spring samples successfully developed China's first pocket spring machine.The next ten years, Lianrou machinery company gradually developed the first generation of pocket spring machine, the second generation of pocket spring machine, highspeed pocket spring machine, such as the birth of each new machine is a qualitative leap in technology, at the same time, its production efficiency is also constantly of record at home.Right now, the company has introduced full automatic spring pockets production line, the future will be launched in ordinary spring knot with the spring of spring production machine and, to provide customers with better products and services.