You know how much the mattress machinery industry?
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   From now on,China has become the worlds largest textile machinery producing countries, China can supply the product of the most diverse number up to, but in recent years, Chinas imports are also increasing at a high pace. Specifically, sponge machinery, mattress machinery, sponge foam machine, mattress Edge Machine, sponge profiling cutting machine, independent pocket spring machine, the mattress tight packaging machine, cotton processing machinery imports showed an increasing trend, China textile machinery needs remain weak.

   The mattress machinery production techniques and material basis of the textile industry, the technology level, quality and production costs, directly related to the textile industry to carry out. The mattress machinery industry in China after 60 years of bending to carry out, has become a category completely satisfied with the professional needs, with independent research and innovative talents pillar industries. In recent years, the China Textile Machinery career carry out very agile.

   Since 2008, Chinas mattress machinery Occupational active response to the shopping malls of the changed situation, career planning, the products produced for sale, of vocational industrial structure, technology and staffing levels, product competition can and products export has made remarkable achievements. The general increase in domestic textile machinery enterprise management level, the inductive strength Centre competitiveness has a significant promotion, simply constitute the private economy based production industry format.

   From economic planning and increase the speed in 2010, Chinas textile equipment production industry for sale planning to reach nearly 89 billion yuan, sell the amount of the average annual rate of increase to reach 18%, slightly lower than the average rate of increase of industrial clarify the special equipment manufacturing industry in Chinas textile increase is relatively stable, the current has a considerable planning. Increase of of Textile Vocational fixed assets funded undoubtedly pulling the mattress machinery products sold directly elements. 2010, Chinas textile and fixed assets invested entire career the largest share of the subprofessional still spinning career, accounting for 43.58% of the total capital contribution of the career. Chinas textile machinery occupational dependence on cotton spinning equipment up to 60%, which, since 2010, textile career all the goals rise.