Tips for the selection of quality mattresses
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   Good mattress can not only make you have a comfortable nights sleep, but also for your own body will also greatly benefit. In general, longterm wrong sleeping position, especially poor mattress, will lead to displacement of the spine section, in turn, stimulates the nerve within the spine, resulting in nerve control device

   Official gradually lose normal function, the mattress is too hard, then not only will human back nerve compression, will also affect the normal circulation of the blood, a long time can also cause back pain and sciatic nerve pain.
   Due to the oppression caused by the obstruction of blood circulation, will promote human old, too soft mattress causes the body weight is not balanced support to leave you hunched and other sequelae. A good mattress, what you have to protect the most urgent needs of the spine. So how can we buy a good mattress?

   Buy a mattress, do not just look at the the bed cloth suit or the level of prices, to choose a reputable brand, in order to be guaranteed the quality of the mattress you choose. Purchase Note: In order to recognize the elasticity of the mattress is good, you can use knee pressure test bed, or at the foot of the bed to sit down and try to pressure mattress soon restitution, an elasticity good mattress, under pressure immediately after restitution. Buy mattresses, hand feel not enough to recognize the good and bad of the mattress, the most reliable identification method is to lie down left side and the right side, good mattress, absolutely no uneven subsidence or lined the edge of the bed move phenomenon. When you try to sleep on the mattress, a good mattress can make your spine to keep the natural stretch, with your shoulders, waist, hip completely fit, without leaving the slightest gap.