What is a good mattress
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     Many furniture brands currently on the market in the sale of bed, just selling bed frames, mattresses will have customer choice. In fact, the quality of the mattress also determines the quality of sleep. A good mattress, constructed in accordance with various parts of the body weight distribution, and the normal curve of the spine to 8% of the total weight of the human head, chest accounted for 33%, 44% waist. However, too soft mattress pitch down the bodys sleeping position, curvature of the spine and not relax; press too hard mattress formed on the heavier parts of the body, the churn increase in the number of incurred sleep, can not get plenty of sleep the rest. In addition, too hard mattress lack of appropriate flexibility, can not cope with the normal curve of the spine, longterm use will affect the correct sleeping position of the human body, hinder the spine wellbeing. Therefore, a good mattress should be the side of the body, so that the spine to maintain balance, even supporting the weight from the body to fit the body curve.Successfully supporting a good mattress and bed frame, can be regarded as a perfect bed. Like benefits Kahn Children mattress designed based on body height and age, can be a good agreement with the human spine, as long as the mattress can be regarded as a good mattress.