Types of mattress springs
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In general, the mattress springs can be divided into the following categories:
1.independent spring: spring support performance is very good, balanced force, appropriate ergonomic design. And resilient performance is relatively good.
2.Pocketed Coil: This refers to the independent single spring loaded into a special bag. This type of spring is characterized by the expansion and contraction of the dot, i.e. independently of the other spring effect can be independently supported and can effectively fit the body curve. On the force, able to pressure dispersion, to extend the life of the spring, which is one of the norms of the mattress.
3.Las Tisi spring: a knot by a continuous wire is made more force point, the balance of the best, according to weight and body shape to make appropriate elasticity effect, smooth evenly supporting body for extra comfort feeling.
4.the opening spring: appearance and spring is very similar, except that it end face no tie, high sensitivity and flexibility, have suspended support effect, can better eliminate human pressure, improve the comfort.
5.double spring: by the upper and lower spring, double spring can be assessed body weight, more balanced force, can provide more load bearing capacity and comfort. The spring will not fall, longer service life.